Jan 27, 2010

Another day at the gym

As a model i think you have to work on your body, especially a male model. I mean a girl can just stop eating and look skinny and amazing, but a guy needs more then that: we need MUSCLES!
Not like our own Belgian , Jean Claude van Damme. But you have to be in a good shape.
So cesar casier tries to go to the gym at least 5 times a week. 

My gym, Chelsea piers, is AMAZING. Not only is it the biggest in NY it's also very nice and clean.
We have a swimming pool (wish i LOVE) , basketball court, running track, golf court, spa, sauna, an indoor ice skating place, bowling, AND on top of all that... you can spot a lot of celebrities. 
Like this afternoon, i went to my locker and next to me was Josh hartnett changing his pants!;-)
Last week i saw Chris brown playing basketball... Ceesie just loves to spot celebs!!

Today i used a personal trainer for the first time in my life. So good but a little overpriced. I mean 88 dollar an hour, for just some help with your work out??? hmmm..
I just need to learn some new/good exercises so i can do it on my own, and bye bye personal trainer. HA!
No bad things about a personal trainer though. It really helps you to go to the gym and to finish all your exercises.

Happy we have done, but i don't wanna think about tomorrow... Waking up with muscles all sore!
Gonna take a warm bath and drink a green tea.

Big ups for the Healthy Lifestyle!!

X ceesie


Judite said...

Hey Ceesie!
This comment isn't related with post.

But, I see that you like Lisboa. Lisboa, capital of Portugal? This Lisbon?! I'm portuguese, so I suggest you to visit Aveiro and Porto (Oporto). Two great portuguese cities. Very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You are adorable Cesar

Claudia said...

Fit en gezond met Freddy De Kerpel!! Geef mij uw adres, zal het u opsturen met de post :-) xx

ceesie said...

HAHAHAHA Claudia de max!
Ik ben binnen 4 weken terug dus dan kunde het me eigenhandig overhandigen! lol