Jan 29, 2010


After I finished shooting today I was walking home and I saw another women wearing a jegging.
And I thought to myself: I need to write about this asap!!!

For the ones who don't know what a jegging is... A jegging is a legging that you, girls, wear as a Jeans.
It's a combination between jeans and leggings, they are basically a standard pair of stretch leggings masquerading as a pair of jeans.
To be honest: I HATE IT!!
Is it the new trend? Hype? When a girl walks out of her house with just a legging and T-shirt on?
First of all: A legging is NOT a Jeans and second of all it just doesn't look chic!
I can understand it's really comfy, but still.
I mean... ok if your going for a run, or grocery shopping, or if it's your lazy day of the week... or if you're a model who's really skinny and 5'11" (or 1'80cm) tall.
Anyway I still think it looks cheap and very UN-sexy!
So please girls don't wear it if you go to your work and especially don't wear it if you go to a restaurant or on a date!!
Tip from ceesie: If you do love to wear your jeggings please wear it with a Longer t-shirt that covers up your ***. ;-)

Ha! happy that's from my chest.

No more words needed:

X ceesie


Aiko Lovechild said...

Oh hohohoho, bang on! Leggings - okay with a long T or dress.
Jegging? Puke. Need I say more?
Love from zipcode oh nine.

Bananadrew said...

Yes, girls should avoid wearing jeggings on a date. :)

catnipss88 said...

lol i agree with evrything you said

Chloe Sevigny said...

what is your favourite outfit to see on a girl, C.Z.?

Anonymous said...

lol i like ur fashion sense. what are your favorites for girls?

Matt Dillon said...

you need to WRITE about this.
but yeah. im with you on the leggings. its always fat chicks who rock them.

Nina said...

I've just bought a jegging D: but I don't think I'd wear it with a small T-shirt. Only with long ones.

AND HELL YEAHHHH IT'S VERY COMFY *-* When I wear jeans I can badly move my legs, but now I can *-*

And why shouldn't the girls wear jegging on a date? It's so much easier to take off than a normal pair of jeans... (HEHEHE)

Oh Cesar, where are you from?

Anonymous said...

because the girl on the second photo is SOOOOO fat? or what's ze problem?

Anonymous said...

love this blog! and the fact you call yourself ceesie! keep up your interesting thoughts. They are very entertaining.

Anonymous said...


I have to stare at these fabric monstrosities all day ;c

Anonymous said...

i know people can be proud of their curves
somethings are just a no no (SEE THE FIRST PIC)
That was a crime on humanity ,....
PEOPLE,PEOPLE, i beg of you for the love of GOD??? WHEN wearing these horrible things make sure they cover your ass and camel toe,i mean why would you do something as EVIL as that???

greetz the ghetto queen From Ghent vhice renegade

ceesie said...

O M GUCCI the Camel Toe!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ma haha, geestige Teddy!!