Jan 25, 2010

My name

What is wrong with people and saying my name the wrong way???
So Since I've been living in New York i have to hear my own name as Ceaser. (Yes like the salad/dressing...)
Not that i don't like it but sometimes i just want to hear my "Real" name. Sometimes i don't even Replay on the streets! It's really funny! haha

In every country they pronounce my name different:
When i went to Spain they called me cessar.
When i went to Korea/Bali they called me Cesaaa. (no R)
When i went to Italy they called me Cesaré.

My name is CESAR!! Like you would say it in french, césar... 

Oh and i will not even start with my last name. That's waaaaaaaay to difficult for some people.

X ceesie


Olivier César said...

Told you some times agon my friend ;-)

Anonymous said...

i love you name!

Anonymous said...

god help us all

Anonymous said...

Correct: Sézar Kasié.
Note: use r as a french R.

Zahra said...

I have the same problem ^^
they always pronounce my name wrong.