Feb 7, 2010


Yesterday i went to my agency and they gave me my details for tomorrow...

I was like: Hmmmmm...Castings on a Sunday? WHY!!!!!

So here we are 10.30 in the morning. Ceesie has to get ready to run to his castings.

Putting on my boots, head, gloves, scarf... brrr it's just TO cold to walk around the city with your book under your arm :-(

In 4 days NY-Fashion week starts.

To be honest... I'm not such a big fan of fashion weeks. If i had to choose between runway or shoot i would say SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!!!

When you have a fashion show your moment of fame is over in 30 seconds. HA!

To get booked for a show is also much harder then to get booked for a shoot.... First you have castings, then your on option, then you have to go back, then a fitting and then (if that all went good), you will be seen on the catwalk.

For me a shoot is much easier and more fun. You only have to show your book at the casting, or you get a direct booking and then you do the shoot.

The best is that you have a result for what you did. You can see yourself in a magazine/campaign and you can show it to all your friends and family.

A show is finished after 10 minutes, no beautiful pictures just walk and finito.

Anyway, both are important for my work so... what has to be done has to be done.

Wish me Luck!!!

X ceesie

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Anonymous said...

Fashion is my obsession. Good luck Cessie.