Feb 28, 2010

Dj ceesie

What a party it was last Friday...
Me and my girlfriends got all picked up at 9 pm with a white Limo to go to Knokke, i felt very P.I.M.P.
After a one hour drive and sipping champagne in the Limo we were all Ready to get the party started.... and so we did!
I arrived In style @ the club, got my table with a 8L bottle belvedere vodka (That was finished after 3 hours) and 50 sodas to mix it with. jihaaaaaaa... Drunk/drunker/drunkest?!?
Then it was my turn to pump up the volume and to start my dj set. I opened with my favorite song , Aljenadro by Lady Gaga. I must say it was a HIT! after that:
Rude boy - Rihanna
Go deep - Janet Jackson
Rhythm of the night - Corona
Encore une fois - Sash
Goodstuff - Kelis
Diva - Beyonce
Ain't nobody - Chaka khan
... And many more!
Tiany and me switched from song to song. I think we did an amazing job, for our first time!
After 2 hours of playing the most cheesie pop songs we were done and ready to dance the night a way ourselves.

Party Hardy with dj ceesie!


Little Deaths In Musical Beds said...

Lucky you!!And great pics!:)

Anonymous said...

love the 8 liter wodka bottle dahlink

xx renegade

Anonymous said...

ahahaha looks fun!! : )
gotta love the belvedere

Sabrina said...

i love janet jackson! sounds like u did good for the first time.

I'll be waiting for the mix tape by DJ ceesie lol

i heard alejandro was good but i still haven't heard it...*goes to youtube*

Anonymous said...

Sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Dj.