Feb 3, 2010

Fashion for dogs?

This morning i walked out of my house and i saw a woman walking with her dog and i noticed that her dog was totally rapt up in a fur coat. I was like WHAT??? a dog who wears another animals fur?
hahahahahaha, that is just not possible.
So when i got home i checked on the Internet, do dogs really need to wear a coat for the cold weather?
And they DON'T!!!!
A dog is not going to get the sniffles like we do, because there is no cold virus that effects them and a coat can be dangerous for the dog, when it's to heavy or to big. Just because we feel cold it doesn't mean our dogs do!!
Maybe if your dog is from a sunny beach place like Miami i might recommend to wear a coat for a few days, so he can get used to the cold weather. ;-)
But still NO coats needed.

I just think it's silly to make your dog look like a fashion dog. Imagine seeing a dog wearing a Balmain outfit with big shoulder pads!

X ceesie


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Anonymous said...

You are wrong! Some of the smaller breeds DO get cold!!
My dog will get MAJOR sniffles if she goes out into the frigid NYC air without a sweater. I didn't understand this before owning a dog.. but they also need protection from the snow salts, which is why you'll sometimes see dogs wearing SHOES. haha
It looks silly, but the salt will actually burn through their paws.
AWWW. poor things.

Anonymous said...

bwahahahaha such a cute post.
love your blog. keep it up!