Feb 1, 2010

the grammys

Last night me and my friend watched the grammys and i have to say it was pretty disappointing.

First of all the whole show was not great at all.

It all started with a B-A-M from my favorite artist: LADY GAGA.

I was impressed by her performance she did with Elthon john. But then it only went from bad to worse.

Like Beyonce, she suddenly started singing a song from Alanice Morisette? WTF!

Then the performance of Pink? What was she thinking? Pink meets Cirque Du soleil? hahaha made me laugh though. :-)

I don't even wanna talk about the performance of Bon Jovi. BAH!!

So this morning i was hoping to look at some amazing dresses from the red carpet but again, ceesie was disappointed. There was NOT one dress i liked.


Is it me or does nicole look like a transsexual woman?

Rihanna was thinking: WEDDING.

Ke$ha: Don't even try to look sexy.

The only outfit i liked.

Over the top and ungly but still amazing.

Please celebs make it good @ the oscars!

X ceesie


Five Six Nine Two said...

love your blog

and love the face that you update it everyday

keep doing what ur doing :)

Casey said...

The dress Lea Michele wore was gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

But it was boring, just live the Grammy's fashion.