Feb 9, 2010

I said a hip hop, Hippie to the hippie, The hip, hip a hop!

People who know me know that I'm in LOVE with Urban music.
If you would see me walking on the street you wouldn't think that I'm such a hip hop Lover, but I am! :-)
Since I was 13 years old I started listening to hip hop and R&b songs.
I just love it!
I think it's the best music to dance to... You can really "shake your ass" on it and you can feel the connection with your dance partner.
On techno/Drum and bass/minimal/... it's all just like jumping, moving your head,... doing strange moves all by yourself.
I love it to go home all sweaty and tired after a good night of dancing.
Also the fun thing about Urban music are the lyrics.
Me, ceesie, knows all the lyrics!
I don't know how, but i just remember them really well after hearing them a few times. I guess it looks really funny to see me rap and dance in the clubs! ;-)
I just love the hip hop style i guess... The girls, all looking so cheesy and slutty and the guys, all looking so tough and Gangsta!

Here are some of my favorite songs:

X ceesie


g baby said...

your blog is awesome!!! very funny

Anonymous said...

Ooo, wow!! that is hilarious..

kiki said...

I love the fact that you used the words "Urban Music" LOL! Love your choice in music though! Ha ha and I completely agree about the shaking ur ass part! Awesome post ;)

line said...

Hahaha Cesie! Ouchie wallie wallie ouchie bang bang!! Super!

sabrina said...

wow i'm suprised, i like hip hop too. I actually like alot of diffrent styles of music from classical to pop and rock and sometimes i listen to music in other languages i don't even understand lol. as long as it has a good melody or a beautiful meaning i'm into it.

lately i've been into old skool hip hop. you should check out 'hey dj' by world's famous supreme team.

Liz said...


lmfaooo rock on with your bad self, Cesar!