Feb 16, 2010

My daily breakfast

Every morning i eat my healthy breakfast:

- non-fat yoghurt
- Pomegranate
- banana
- kiwi
- papaya
...and a Green tea!

So good to start the day.
X ceesie


Anonymous said...

i bet its good but i'd be hungry again in 5 mins

Anonymous said...

ahhhaahahah me2

Nhat Vo said...

I love pomegranate!

Little Deaths In Musical Beds said...

Lucky you...I hardly have time for a proper breakfast cos I'm too busy rushing for school...:(

sabrina said...

that looks boring, i like eggs and carbs lol i know i'm no good.

kelsea said...

i eat greek yogurt and fruit every morning too!!! and it fills me up for a long time! ^_^

Julie VdW said...

Nice Cesar, da je daar tijd voor maakt!!! Super!

Anonymous said...

Sooo good. Every mix of fruits and low-fat milk products in the morning. Just great! Well done, Cesar!