Feb 17, 2010


In less then one week I'm leaving NYC and I'll be back in Sin city: Ghent!

Gonna be happy to be back and see all my friends and family.

But the most fun is that I have to Host a Party there, that's why they fly me over.

It's a club from a friend of mine called : "Kitsch club". It's located in Knokke, next to the casino.

It's a small boutique club and Belvedere wodka is throwing a party... and me, ceesie, is the host.

I get a Limo, Free Wodka and I have to DJ for 2 hours. Amazing no?

I feel VERY Paris Hilton! ;-)

I just can't wait to get in that limo with all my friends and to party the night away. :-)


So who ever is in Belgium and reads this... is more then welcome to come and dance on my favorite tunes!!

Place to be on the 26 of February: KITSCH CLUB!

X ceesie


Anonymous said...

Very exciting..!! Please never compare yourself to PH, I'll think less of you. Hope I was around to get to party like a belgium! all the best. xx

blueymcphluey said...

I wish I could come, it sounds like so much fun! :D

Anonymous said...

Is NOT good fell like Paris Hilton.
Have fun ;)

Anonymous said...


sabrina said...

i'll come if u buy me an air ticket. this sounds like a sweet deal, have fun and take pics to show us!

Laura said...

amazing and amazing blog
lets exchange links
x Laura