Feb 8, 2010


Today i woke up at 7.20 to get ready for my shoot for Surface Magazine.

Because I needed to hurry I didn't had any breakfast when i left my house, so i was hoping to get an AMAZING breakfast at the shoot. You need to know one thing about ceesie: Ceesie LOVES catering and BIG buffets on shoots.

I do have a Love/Hate relationship with them... I just can't stop nibbling from the buffet. After every shot i pas the buffet and take some little snacks from it; like a little piece of a banana nut muffin, a piece of a cinnamon raisin bagel, fruit, candy, chicken, sushi... I just can't stop!

But this morning there was NOTHING. Hmmm... that's not really correct is it?

So i bought myself a banana and the stylist got me my daily Skinny latte. After i ate my banana i was happy there wasn't a big buffet otherwise i was gaining wait by the second! Ha!

So, after i ate my "breakfast" I got ready for Work.

I really LOVED the clothes today: YSL, Gucci, Tom Ford, Missoni,...

I'm always happy when the clothes look good and i also have the feeling i work better when i like the stuff I'm wearing.

It's always more fun to be walking around in nice designer clothes. ;-)

I think we have some very good pictures and it was a fun crew to work with.

I even got a belt and a nice necklace from the Stylist, thanks for that ;-)

I took some shots from my favorite outfits:

At the end of the day i think all the people were happy with the results, and for me that's the most important thing.

X ceesie


Anonymous said...

COOL SWEATER!!! sucks about breaky though.
nice feet.

Anonymous said...

you like simple things... in life!

Anonymous said...

i bet you'd def look better naked

Anonymous said...

just realized there has not been one image of you shirtlessss..why!!>? LET US SEE!!

Anonymous said...

lol what the fuck some commenters here are really creepy.

Anonymous said...

i can assure you his body is daaaaaamn fineeee!

Anonymous said...

we have to see it to believe it!!

Franz Patrick said...

I want those shoes! Jealous.