Feb 20, 2010

Shutter Island

Yesterday night i went to see the movie: Shutter Island.
Shutter Island isn't one of those simple "love it" or " hate it" movie experiences - this is one of those films that makes you go... "Hmmmmm"
I was so exited, I was watching trailers already form November! LOL
You have to know that Martin Scorsese is one of my favorite directors!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!
Casino, Goodfellas, Gangs of New York, Cape Fear, Taxi Driver,... Just a few of my favorite movies!
The cast was again perfect! Leonardo Dicaprio excuse me? YOU ROCK!!!
Before it was all about his cute/sexy baby face but now it's all about his acting ( sadly enough for us no more sexy Leo on the screen, but now we can enjoy his great acting)
He played so good in shutter island. Oscar?!
Me and my great company ;-) really liked the movie! Maybe it was a little to long and there was not enough Glamour for me, but still TOP. When i think of Scorsese movies i think: Gangsters, Beautiful women, Drugs, Bulgari jewels, fur, Guns,...
This movie is a little different from the others.
Shutter Island is a surprising, flawed, gorgeous and interesting movie that you definitely need to see!!!

X ceesie


Anonymous said...

glamour.??.? great movies don't need it. I will see soon

Franz Patrick said...

Saw it last night as well. It's a thinking person's film but there's enough mystery to keep everybody engaged. Loved the last few lines in the movie. And Patricia Clarkson = amazing actress. Can't wait for Leo's next film "Inception." Can he win an Oscar already?? (He so deserved it for "The Aviator.")

Anonymous said...

im gonna download it rite now!!

blueymcphluey said...

to be honest, I was really okay with it being about Leo's sexy baby face before :P

Al said...

:ooo you saw it?? I so wanted to see it! I love movies like these since it's pretty genius :D ~

Emmit Pax Denver said...

This film is amazing! And so are "Girl, Interrupted" and "Mean Girls" ... you have very fine taste in films!