Feb 4, 2010


Sinds the first day i came to NYC I started my daily addiction... Starbucks!
There is not one day i don't have my starbucks coffee.
For me starbucks is fun/it's like having a daily date with your cup of coffee. 
Today I counted how much money i spent on starbucks and I'm telling you... A LOT!
I think I spent around 10 dollars a day on starbucks coffee. So that's like 300 dollars a month, so that makes it 3600 dollars a year!!! F*ck f*ck f*ck!

How it all started...
The first time i tried starbucks was also the first time i had coffee. A friend told me to try the caramel macchiato because it is sweet and you don't really taste the coffee to strong. So i did. And from that moment i was hooked!
The best is when you take your finger and dip it in the caramel foam on top of the coffee!
O-M-GUCCI, amazing!
I used to drink 2 of them each day!!!
So that bad habit needed to stop! And it did, I changed my fattening caramel macchiato into a a skinny latte!
Kind of boring maybe, but simple and good.
But now it's all about the hot soy chai's!!! Mmmmm...
It's a tea with soy milk. Sooooo good. :-)
I think it's more healthy and it spices up your taste buds.
Soy chai's ROCK!!!

X ceesie


Anna said...

There's a Starbucks on every corner in my city, including a corner I pass on my way to school... it used to not be a problem but during finals week this year I thought "hmm, it couldn't hurt, it'll help me stay alert during the tests!" It's been a month since finals week and I'm there every morning. They know my name there now and everything!

ceesie said...

hahahahahaha!!!! :-)

Love Me Do said...

You could try mixing in green beans into your soy milk drink .It also helps in your digestion and complexion!:)

droopy_8 said...

Hey ceesie! Luv Ure blog!
I wanted to ask if you could give some beauty tips like how you guys male models come up with this beautiful skin (is it makeup?lol) and above all these gorgeous hair??? Plzz!

sabrina said...

Everyone loves starbucks but i never caught on. i think i've probably only been there a couple of times. There are so many flavors i don't know what to choose and i'm not much of a coffee person so i need help ordering...