Mar 22, 2010

Ceesie misses NYC

After a while, being here in Belgium, it's getting a little BORINGGGGG...
I've seen all of my friends, went for coffee a 1000 times, went to every club in Ghent, went shopping and had some quality time with my parents and family.
Don't get me wrong, i L-O-V-E Ghent, but for my work there is nothing to do.
All my friends are going to school or working somewhere and me??? Hmmm... I'm just waiting for a job.
When I'm in NYC it's totally different. Then I'm in THE city. The city where a model has to be. The city where everything happens. Then I'm in the capital of the world!
I also don't work everyday in NY, but i feel much more useful then being here in Ghent, waiting to get a call to go to Paris or London for a job.
In NYC I can go to my gym, go to castings/go sees, museums, the movies... I get so much more Input!

What i miss the most:
-The People and there outfits: Here in Belgium there are no fun/extravagant dressed people on the street, everybody is dressed so normal and safe. ( Jeans, shirt, sweater and that's it) pfff... when i walk in the street of NYC i learn, i see and i explore!

- The food: When i ask people in Ghent what they think about American food they always say : BURGERS, FRIES, FAST FOOD!! Sorry but that's so wrong. In NY there is soooo much more
then that. I eat so much healthier when I'm over there.

- Starbucks: Can you believe that, we DON'T have STARBUCKS in Belgium!!! ( They just opened the first in Antwerp) woehoew!!! Maybe they will open one in Ghent in 4 years. ;-)

- My Gym: This week i had a free week pass at the gym where my mom goes, after 30 minutes i was done! I did all the machines... Bah!! such a small gym, so packed! PLEASE i need Chelsea
Pears ASAP!!

- Coconut water: They still don't have it here :-(


Ismael Kh said...

OH Cessie!! It's your best post :D

TRY TO COME asap I leave Nyc in 1 month!!

Anonymous said...

then whats the wait? Go to NYC.

bet. i love the picture! it reminds me of an amazing abandon shop in BK, NY. x

Homotography said...

Maybe you should do some more blogging if you're bored. we always enjoy the posts. Take some pics of your town and show us how boring it is :)

Line P. said...

I want Starbucks toooooo!!! And yes, we're dressed very safely here in Ghent... I know :(...

Hehe, Love Line

Anonymous said...

There's also a starbucks at the airport in belgium :)

ike said...

please cesie , tell us how you wash or clean your face and your hair is so beautifull and your skin OMG, WELL my best wishes for you and good vibrations

Anonymous said...

I agree with Homotography and ike. How old are you ceesie? Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

New yorker.