Mar 9, 2010

J'adore Paris

Ceesie is spending a week in Paris and Lovin it.
How nice can paris be when it's sunny and Fashion week?
Going to nice parties, fancy restaurants, doing some shopping...
First of all i've always been a BIG fan of Paris.
I think the people here are so chic and everything looks so beautiful and expensive.
Sunday night i went to see the GIVENCHY show and i have to say it was AMAZING.
I love Givenchy. Ricardo ROCKS! The clothes, the fabrics... J'adore!
It's always fun to go see a big show... All the topmodels, all the fabulous people. A fashionshow is so much fun, it's almost like going to a concert.
Here are some of my favorite looks of the show:

X ceesie


Anonymous said...

mucha suerte en paRis , buenas vibras

Anonymous said...

Paris t'aime Cessie.

Anonymous said...

Paris in Love.