Mar 9, 2010

living the life...

Monday night me and my friend went to the opening of the new 'JOSEPH' store in avenue Montagne and there was a little concert by... Pete Doherty. :-)
He was doing an acoustic performance. I was all exited to see him preforming live, but i was a little disappointed after the concert. All slow songs and not really a good vibe... brrrrr!
And how does he look?? JESUS.
He looked so unhealthy and dirty... I think the rock and roll/Heroine look is O-V-E-R, so please pete get yourself together and go to Rehab, before it's to late!
Speaking about an other hotmess is Lindsay Lohan. I met her also that night...
Many people in fashion hate her and think she is discusting, but i think she is fun!!!
She was so nice to me and i think she looked very good. Of course i only sad like 5 words to here, but anyway... i met her, and kissed here, and hold her hand, and told her she looked sexy,

Now it's done with partying and acting like a socialite!
Back to work and running around with my book under my arm in paris.
Wish me luck...

X Ceesie


Anonymous said...

good luck honey bunny
always fun to read your blogg

take care sjatzie
xx renegade

blueymcphluey said...

I agree, I can't believe people thinks that looks good :P

Little Deaths In Musical Beds said...

It's really scary how drugs can ruin a person's life just like that, but all the same, you're really lucky to have met Pete Doherty and Lindsay Lohan!
All the best to you~

Anonymous said...

hola ¡ te deseo mucha suerte , es increible que no tengas una pagina en wikipedia

GloriaJagger said...

ahaha jesus.