Mar 31, 2010

Sleepless in Seattle

48hours ago i was in still in Belgium , yesterday i was in NYC and now I'm in my hotel room having a Ceasar salad in... Seattle!
You can tell one thing for sure about a model life: it's F*cking unpredictable!
Tomorrow I'm having a shoot here and then back to my favorite city, New York.
I'm all exited to go back, new apartment, new adventures, new jobs and meeting new people,...
But for the next 24 hour i will spent my time in Seattle.
Ceesie did some researched and found out that Seattle is the city where Starbucks has started and the city where Curt Cobain has killed himself, interesting.
Anyway , I'm going to bed now, Ceesie has to look fresh and sexy tomorrow.
Hopefully no "Sleepless in seattle" for me ;-)


Anonymous said...

i love yooouuu :)

blueymcphluey said...

oh yay, new jobs! I can't wait to see the results of tomorrows sexyness ;)

Anonymous said...

You are just too adorable. Thanks for blogging.

seattle native said...

did you get to do any sightseeing in seattle? you're lucky you caught seattle on a sunny day!