Mar 27, 2010

What do you wanna do after modeling?

You can't believe how many times I've heard that question in my life.

So tell me cesar, what do you wanna do after modeling???

To be honest, I don't really know... It's very difficult for me to answer that question. 

I got discovered the last year of high school and I really didn't know what to study after... So I thought, why not give it a shot as a model for a year and then you'll know what to study. And here we are 3 years later: working as a model and still don't know what i want to do in my life. hmmm... It scares me!!

I know I'm working at the moment but still this job is not forever and what next?? working at McDonald, i don't think S-O.

This week i made a list of jobs i would like to do:

- chef cook

- having my own coffee bar

- editor for a fashion magazine

- Booker at a model agency

- journalist

- having my own shop

- travel agent

- a buyer for a big fashion store like barneys NY or Collette in Paris.

- food critic

- inheritor

- actor

I hope i will figure it out by the time i need to! ;-)


haruhi said...

you´ll be a great and handsome chef cook dear

Anonymous said...

open your own restaurant!!

Anonymous said...

You are so gorgeous become an actor hahaaha... (joking) i think choosing a career is always a very important desicion to make, but you can make it if you really want to, so believe in yourself, we love you Ceesie <3. :)

Five Six Nine Two said...

just throwing blogger out there...

Sabrina said...

A chef sounds good but have you thought about becoming an actor, you would still travel the world and you get to live in Hollywood or even stay in NYC if you like.

not at model yet said...

Coool choices you got there, i would say a journalist working as an editor for a fashion magazine, who owns his own restaurant while beeing a busy booker for a big agency haha =D
My fav his a lucky inheritor

melissa said...

actor! actor! actor!

Anonymous said...

Why do you think about this stupid question??????
You dont have to think about it at all.
After all you have an extraordinary life and style.
You can do whatever you want.
Just make a wish.