Apr 23, 2010


What is it with all these Blackberry addicts!!??? I don't have to speak, I'm also hooked!
But I mean, why?? Why can we not leave our phone for more then 10 minutes alone without checking it?
2 years ago I got my Blackberry as a X-mas present from my parents, me ceesie was all exited and happy, FINALLY i had my Blackberry! I was one of the first who had one in Ghent. I LOVED it (and still do). I travel a lot and it's just so easy to keep in touch with all of my friends when you have the bbm application on your blackberry. What a great invention, no?
I remember having a normal cellphone, I was just waiting for someone to text or call me... but now I check my blackberry every 10 minutes, maybe because you can Email, call, sms, bbm, mms,... all on ONE phone!?!
Ceesie ALWAYS has a bbm conversation open. Even when I'm out partying i sometimes notice myself dancing with my Blackberry in my hand. ( SO BAD) It's just C-R-A-Z-Y and it's not just me, it's EVERYONE!
Before having a crackberry i just left my phone in my bag or pocket, now it's always next to me or in my hand. Imagine being a business man EVERY 5 minutes you have a new email coming in. I guess work just NEVER stops? (poor wife!!!)

Do I have an addiction???
CRACKBERRY I love and hate you at the same time.


julio said...

Iam Cessiebloggholic ok ;D

not at model yet said...

i'm wondering how people were leaving without all that o__o

I Wonder said...

I'm a blackberry user as well! Once u go to blackberry u really can't go back. I remember getting my pearl stolent last summer and had to wait a couple months so I could the upgrade on my phones package... Wow those months were rough nothing seemed right! 8900 all the way! What kind of blackberry do u have cessie??

Vincent said...

I like to read some older posts. Nice photo.