Apr 18, 2010

the end of the world

Yesterday i saw one of the WORST movies in my life: 2012!!
Bah... so bad. Totally over the top and SOOOOOO American.
But in one way i was a little chocked. Is the world really gonna end in a few years?
Lately I'm really thinking about it. I mean in the last couple of years we had: Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano explosions, hurricanes,.... Like never before!!!!
It really starts to scare me. But we can't live or lives in fear. As we all know we can't predict the future. What is tomorrow is the last day? Live your life like it' the last you have. Ha!
ceesie's new Motto!


plath said...

Is 2012 really that bad? Talking about volcanoes I can't go anywhere because the airport is closed. I'm not completely terrified about the idea that all this could be gone in a few, but I just look forward and keep in mind that my end is closer than the one of the earth. And the volcano explosion just made me realize how much power we posses as human beings. I mean look at how far technology has taken us and how little it takes to ruin what we've been building for hundred of years. But you're right people should live like it's their last day (but also the first) on earth. We don't really have time to waste on being grumpy.

Anonymous said...

This is kind of an interesting idea and I have seen some very beautiful pictures of the eruption.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the world is going to end in 2012. The planet has been doing this for millions of years... we have nothing to be afraid of. But, I agree with your comment about the movie "2012." It's so overdone!