Apr 19, 2010

house of VERSACE

Last week I finished the book: "House of Versace" by Deborah ball.
And i'm telling you it is AMAZING.
The book tells the story of the Versace family. Deborah explains how the Versaces made their money. (They actually sold clothes!) But just as important to this bacchanalian fashion tale, she explains how they spent it. And they spent it like CRAZZYYYYYY!!!
Gianni LOVED buying famous painting and expensive furniture, Donatella loved spending money on Drugs, parties, presents and jewelery!
For me it was a very interesting book, i remembered watching the Versace movie when i was a little kid, and i was very fascinated by Versace's work and world. After reading this book I was even more fascinated. I never really realised he was such a BIG designer and that HE is one of the guys who made the supermodels (Like Naomi, Claudia, Linda,...) back in the 90's.
After reading the book i have also a lot more respect for Donatella. She is a VERY strong women who had a very tuff time in her life and who also dealt with a drugs addiction that lasted for many years.

People who have a passion for fashion will love the house of Versace! Go to barns ad Nobles and get that book!


Suong said...

I don't usually read this kind of books but after your critic, I think I might go and buy it. or maybe find a library where I can rent it.

Anonymous said...

im gonna try and find it on ebooks, tnx cesar!

Sabrina said...

I heard about that book a while ago, I will definitely check it out when I get the chance cause I love fashion and it sounds interesting. OH and versace is one of my favorite designers :)

Anonymous said...

ik zeg u 1 ding mijn zuster was in die erge film
vree erg, haar 15 minutes of fame, can i take your order mr.versace vree vree erg