Apr 12, 2010


Ceesie LOVES watching movies... Here are some of my favorites:


Franz Patrick said...

J'adore your list. It's nice to see "A Single Man" on there and the underrated "Julia." Swinton was so raw in her portrayal of a character who was unlikable but we can't help but root for her.

"All About My Mother" is probably my favorite Almodóvar picture to date. What did you think of "Los abrazos rotos"? Personally, I think it's a bit stronger than "Volver."

Little Deaths In Musical Beds said...

I would like to recommend you 'The Boy In Striped Pajamas'. It's a really good indie film about the Nazi and such. Very touching and very meaningful.

Sabrina said...

I love Mean Girls and Titanic, i also love Grease and Moonwalker. My love is for scary movies though, i enjoy the thrill.

Anonymous said...

and what about 'Lolita'? (film[1997]/book[by V Nabokov])
with your taste, that might be interesting...and who knows maybe it could be added to your favor list.
All best!