Apr 6, 2010


This week a friend told me to look on that website he found, and so i did.
It was a website ALL with Pictures off Ceesie... It's like a sort of blog that a girl (or guy) makes and I'm obviously THE SUBJECT!
Kind of scary... I mean WHY? Why does someone do that? Am i really that important?
I like it and I'm kind of flattered but also a little creeped out.
There are even pictures of me on the street, my holidays,....AND they even made a "copy and paste" sort of cartoon about me. Ha!!
Pfff... i have the feeling that now-a days there is no privacy anymore. Facebook, Myspace, blogs,...
I mean type in my name on google and there are more then 30 pages about me.
I know I know, I'm a model! but still... it's not like I'm Daria Werbowy or Kate Moss.
Hmmmm... Don't get me wrong i love the attention but please don't go to far ;-)

Please check it out and tell me if that is normal or not????


Nina said...

Baby, I follow this tumblr. It's very common in tumblr people creating blogs just to post photos of models.


The Fashionisto said...

it's flattering and creepy at the same time, lol

julio said...

look you are not the onlyone http://fuckyeahkevinflamme.tumblr.com/
Follow my new fuck yeah tumblr!
all that is because you are a model and the most peopleo like you, because you are a hansome man.

Anonymous said...

i talked to the girl who runs it like...once
she's pretty cool

if you want to take it down, i'm sure she would if you ask. and most (maybe not most but a lot) of models have them
if you care to look for more all you would have to do is type in fuckyeah[name].tumblr.com
most are first and last name. a few are just last name

blueymcphluey said...

haha, I wouldn't worry about it :P People do this a lot

Anonymous said...

I think they are harmless, they are all in good fun. You're a great model, enjoy your time in the spotlight, Cessie.

Posting photos from your facebook, etc. without your permission is not cool... I would hope if you asked them to take certain photos down they would.

Charlie N. said...

platonic love is the new black :P
don't worry about that.

Homonormative said...

If you didn't have a Tumbler, that would be very abnormal.

not at model yet said...

You gotta handle the fame man haha :p You maybe got one or two stalkers that you dont even know about ... lol :P just kidding, don't get worried about that 'cause if you begin with it you won't be able to stop. You will be surprised to see some boards on the internet with subjects all about you :P

Pukkelpop ! said...

Cesar for president !

Anonymous said...

they're just fans. you know those people are the reason you are important!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hye ,
ik vind uu echt geweldig =O ik ben 16 en heb uu gezien in NINA ;P en ik zach uu blog staan en kdacht kga het is tchekken hhaa ..
kwil ook graag model worden , maar ik weet totaal iet hoe ik er aan zou beginnen ;S khoop da jij me een paar tips kunt geven ? je kan me altijd toevoegen op msn ; anthony_x4@live.be ..
alvast kei hard dankuu

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't think it's suppossed to freak you out, although it is kind of weird that somebody obviously knows, what you do outside of bussiness.
But all in all, I guess we all like to look at pretty things (it could have been a blog about art, a beautiful view or something third and completely different, but still beautiful). Obviously, in some people's eyes, you belong in that category of "beautiful things".

and by the way, just a few minutes ago I saw spy photos taken of E. Lodwick on 1st street - that is indeed creepy.

Paulien said...

"Baby you make my heart beat faster" ?

echo. said...

The blog is well done.
But I can understand your feelings about it.
I fact, you have that feel that person knows you by heart, but she/he doesn't at all!
It's creepy and in the same time, it's pretty "normal", I mean a girl or a boy, is putting you on a "top level" and he/she can't do without you in her/his life.
Maybe she or he is thinking that your are THE man for her/him.
Personaly, if someone does a blog about me, I would be flattering but in the same time I would like to tell him/her
"Man you're lovely, but I'm not a animal in a zoo, please don't expose me to the rest of the world!"

"Courage" Cesar, 'hop you'll own your privacy!

Anonymous said...

fuck yeah model tumblrs are very normal.

You know you've made it when you have a fan blog ;)

Sanko said...

Haha, that's normal, Cesar. It's like how someone makes a blog dedicated to one actor/band/film. A fan website, you could call it. In fact, I'm the co-administrator of the exact same kind of website(on Tumblr, too), except this time it's dedicated to another model, Julius Beckers. Perhaps you've heard of him. :)


MimiBla said...

Darling, It's quite normal. Famous (good lookin) boys have fangirls, fangirls do fan art or other photoshopped fuckeries. It's cute ^.^
When they'll make a rag-doll, name it after you and then start pretending they're married to it, now, that'll be creepy.