Apr 8, 2010

Skim Iced latte please!

For the last 6 days it's been f*cking hot in NYC!
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the sun and I love walking around with just a t-shirt and sunglasses... But the people, the subway, the smell... Beughhhh
My mom always says: "Ceesie when the summer starts the most ugly people are coming out of there houses." And I guess she's right. You just see more meat when it's hot. HA!
Anyway, what I wanted to say is that today I tried my first ICED COFFEE in my LIFE! Seriously... I was tired and in desperate need of a coffee. But of course, it was to hot to order a skinny latte, so i went for a new adventure in the world of coffee... I tried a non fat Iced Latte.
I put the straw in the plastic cup, brought it to my lips and swallowed down the icey cold caffeine into my throat. I was surprised: Mmmmm so good and so refreshing.
I think I've found my new favorite summer coffee. From now on I'm going for a skim iced latte!
Toast to the goodlife and hello summer!


Anonymous said...

hola cesar como estas? espero que muy bien ,aunque pienso que por ratos eres muy superficial tambien creo que eres muy buena persona, eres mi modelo favorito y me encanta tu trabajo,tus anuncios y para mi el mejor y el que mas me divoierte es el de vonrosen , me causa gracia cuando al final miras ala modelo ,parece que la modelo ubiese hecho algo malo.

Anonymous said...

Ceesie don't be mean hahaha... ugly people have feelings too... you are so lucky you are so gorgeous... you are pretty funny anyways.

Anonymous said...

oh m god ma das uwen beste post ever!

i was surprised::mmmm so good and refreshing!

don't get me wrong ;)


Anonymous said...

I alweys take ice latte with soy milk. Try that, it is simply refreshing!