Apr 26, 2010


Last week a friend from Belgium came to NYC and she gave me the best thing in the world: SPECULOOSPASTA!!!
You can only find it in Belgium, so i was soooo happy she got it for me.
O-M-GUCCI, it's just NOT normal.... It's a spread made from my favorite cookies, speculoos.
It's a paste you put on bread , just like jam or Nutella, it's just so f*cking delicious!!! Mmmmm...
My friends from NY tried it and they went CRAZY. They say it's like a paste made from 'Teddy Grahams' cookies. (just to give you americans an idea how it tastes). It's so good but also soooo fattening. It's more fattening than nutella or peanut butter. But who cares, it's like an orgasm in your mouth.
Sadly for you guys you can't find it here in the USA. Maybe after modeling i open my own Speculoospasta shop in Soho! ;-)


Emily said...

haha (:
goed om te weten dat er toch iets is in Belgie dat ze niet in New York hebben.

Door deze post heb ik zin in speculoospasta :D

Anonymous said...

In English it's pastE not pastA because then they think about spaghetti...

ceesie said...

thanks ;-)

Stefanie said...

I life in the one and only Speculoos town 'Lembeke'. The speculoospaste paradise :p

Anonymous said...

you have beautiful eyelashes :)

echo. said...

"Speculoos Paste rocks!
You can't test it MAN!
It's the best!"


echo. said...

Dear Cesar,

You've been added on THE LIST.
Welcome on THE LIST.

The 'Guide Michelin' of best Art websites

wokgroente said...

lol wij hebben in nederland ook speculoospasta
ksmeer het eigenlijk bijna elke dag op mijn broodje x3
alleen heb ik het niet crunchy :(
MAAR ik wist niet dat ze je nog dikker maken dan nutella ofzo. daar kom ik dus nu achter... O.O
maargoed dat houdt me niet tegen om het nog steeds elke ochtend op mijn broodje te smeren :B

plath said...

That pasta-thing confused me too. I was in the netherlands a few weeks ago and they were referring to nutella as some kind of pasta.
Speculoopasta sounds pretty nice although it probably has lots of carbs, I'd like to taste it, but I'm glad I can't find it here. My body has the right curves in the right places and just one or two kilos could really ruin it all
- I'm not the easiest weight-loser.

Anonymous said...

these cookies are sooo delicious! cinamon&caramel, right? Favorit tea cookie!