May 2, 2010

Living the life

Wouldn't you love to do a shoot with one of your best friends? In an amazing penthouse? with 6 bottles of Moët champagne and more then 4 boxes of Russian caviar?

HA!!Ceesie did it last Thursday.

Me and skye did a shoot together and it was SO FUN! ;-)

It was for Russian Tatler magazine. The clothes were amazing, all long dresses and tuxedo's. The mood: extravagant/decadent and party hardy and who is better then skye and me to represent that?!

Ceesie just loves Living his life.


capt.charly said...

Glad to see you that you enjoyed your shoot ^^
totally crazy 6 bottles of Moët champagne and more then 4 boxes of Russian caviar......only for you and Skye ?! omg !:D

Anonymous said...

cant wait to see the finished photos ! xoxo

plath said...

Lucky lucky you! You look pretty awesome in the setting. does your hair always look like that? I'd be jealous if I was a guy :)
Oh no, I'm still jealous, my hair doesn't shine like that (you have to tell us what you do to make your hair shine like that)

Do you like caviar, I'm not going to mention what caviar is made of because that's kind of gross but I know that I can't help feeling a little bit guilty whenever I eat it - but then again, we eat other animals too.