May 23, 2010


Two days ago i was still in NYC, yesterday in my home country Belgium and now sipping from my glass prosecco while I'm laying on my sunbed next to the swimming pool.

Life can be hard as a model ;-)

Every year my mom and step-dad take me on an unforgettable holiday. Last year it was Bali, this year... the Italian Island Sicily.

The island famous for The Mafia, pizza, Pasta, gelato, cappuccino and vino is amazingly beautiful. The water is so blue and the food is so good!

Going on a holiday with your Parents is fun:
- Everything is free.
- You stay in the best hotels.
- You go to the best restaurants and bars.
- You do more cultural stuff.
- Your relationship with your parents gets stronger.
I'm all exited and happy to be on a holiday... Some sun/beach/relaxation,
All ceesie needs right now.
Anyway, i gonna jump in the water.


Little Deaths In Musical Beds said...

You're really lucky.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you.
And a bit of jealous :)

wokgroente said...

that thing about staying in the best hotels isn't true in our family: we always choose the cheapest hotel. Once we went to Malaysia with 4 people and we slept in a room meant for 2 people... not really comfortable :P

fycc said...


lilalabeth said...

gij dwaze :)
saturday hey hey!!

Michaela McGrady said...

You are so beautiful its stupid!!! <3