May 11, 2010


I just checked my sidemeter and I have more then 32'000 views since I started my blog, on January 25Th, and I just wanted to say thanks!!!
To all my followers:
Thank you for reading my blog.
Thank you for commenting on my posts.
Thank you for following my life and interests.

X ceesie ;-)


Patricia said...
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Lisa said...

Ceesie, you are so funny and have such a talent as a model, we adore your posts, and i really wish you all the success you can have, also i hope you keep posting for all your fans like you do for a long long time. Thanks to you too, and take care, byee.

Franz Patrick said...

Keep it ferocious and we'll keep reading. ;)

Anonymous said...

duuude you've got a huge fanbase! WE need to thank you for making such interesting posts :D

Anonymous said...

I am SO proud you are from belgium, really, thank you, you proved to me there are some handsome guys here around x

Afrodite said...


Heb onlangs je artikel in de NINA gelezen! Je mag er best wel zijn :) proud that you're from Gent!

xoxo Afrodite