Jun 3, 2010

Ceesie ♥ SKYPE

You have to know one thing about Ceesie, Ceesie LOVES his friends.

For me friendship is one of the the most important things in life.

To be honest, I can call myself a good friend, I always try to keep in touch with my homies even if I'm not around.

But as a model it's not always that easy. Most of the times I'm traveling, so after a long day of shooting there is nothing more fun for me then to go back to my Hotel room and to call my friends...

That's why I think SKYPE is one of the best inventions ever made!

It's such an easy way to keep up to date with your friend and family even if your on the other side of the world, and it's for free.

What more do you need?

Skype, thank you for existing.


Anonymous said...

Real and good friends are really hard to find...
And when you find them giving news doesn't take very long especially when you laught with them....
When you give advises or when you ask for them is easyer whem you talk with some who loves you!!!
You are lucky :)

Anonymous said...

who doesnt love skype !!:)
free video and phone calls !!
gotta love it!!

Anonymous said...


from in vogue to in vibe

Carizza said...
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Carizza said...

I love skype! also love how it's free! hahahha. you sound/look like an amazing friend.

I really enjoy your blog, it's so interesting!! I wonder if you actually read these comments, though. it's my birthday tomorrow, june5th! it'd be so cool if you gave me a shoutout :$
anyways, love from vancouver, canada!
- carizza <3

ceesie said...

Yes, i do read these comments! I'm always happy with some nice response!!
CArizza... GO GO GO GO SHORTY It's your B-Day! We gona party... Like it's your Birthday!! ;-)

patricia said...

^--- that was so cute!

on another note, i love skype and love your blog c├ęsar, i've read every post from the very start! kept it up! oh and i also tried your banana bread recipe the other day, it was fantastic :-). everyone liked it!

Mevlin said...

I LOOOVE the jeans jacket you're wearing in the last conversation ;d
I have one that looks just lie yours ;)

Greats ;d

Anja Cael said...

i love skype too!
it almost makes me feel like my twin sis isn;t half of europe away.
i wonder what kind of a skyper you are...