Jun 18, 2010

Column elle

I just wanted to let you guys know that my 2ND Column for Elle Belgium magazine is out...
Since 2 months I'm writing a monthly column about my life as a model for them and I LOVE doing it.
Bye Bye Carrie Bradshaw and Hello Ceesie! ;-)
The first one was about my life in Williamsburg/brooklyn and this one is about Food in NYC.
It's written in dutch so many of you won't be able to read it. :-(
But please check it out.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cessie,

That is really really great. How exciting! I think you would make a good corespondent and you like to write on the blog. You really should keep going with it.

L. said...


just found your blog = amazing :)
Ik heb je column al gelezen!
Geweldig! Blijven doen.

Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! bravo!!!Ceesie!!! super blog!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! <3

Anonymous said...

hello ceesie,
just wanted to say congrats and
r.i.p Tom Nicon

Mevlin said...

Cesar, promise me one thing: YOU'RE SO GOING TO SHOW ME NY WHEN I COME LIVE THERE ;d

Anonymous said...

Je column is TOP!!!!

Kijk al uit naar die van augustus!

Je kan fantastisch leuk schrijven.

ANTHE said...

I'm fan ;D
really, love the column.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the column... Can't read is too small...
I will learn dutch in order to understand ;)

wokgroente said...

hiii is there any site where i can find this column? because i really want to read it, but the image is too small :(
or do i have to go to Belgium in order to read it :P

Janne said...

I've been reading your blogs in the dutch Elle, I love them!! :D
Please keep on writing them, they are amazing!

Daphne said...

Ohh, I've just bought the newest Elle yesterday and I'm just finished reading your column.:) It's great, really.xx