Jun 10, 2010

First shoot in Japan

I just Finished my First (14 hour) shoot in Tokyo... and what an experience it was!
First of all Ceesie needed to wake up at 4.30 in the morning, another thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE to sleep. Sleeping and eating are my two favorite things in life. ;-)
As you can guess, I didn't slept more than 3 hours because of that stupid jet lag I'm still dealing with!
ANYWAY, they picked me up at 5 and drove me all the way to the country side out of Tokyo, The nature here is amazing by the way. I was very exited to see something else then just High Buildings and Unreadable Billboards.
The shoot went GREAT, People here are so nice to me... it's even scary. They were holding an umbrella to protect me from the sun, they kept following me around with cold water, they kept asking if everything was OK and they even gave me a massage after lunch. HA!
I totally felt like A divo!
I think Tokyo will bring me so many Great and unforgettable adventures...
Can't wait for the next one!


Anastasia and Duck said...

I wish I got a massage after lunch :(


Mode.Karussell said...

wow cool. Are you a model?
Can't wait to hear from you.

Homonormative said...

Awesome Ceesie!
<3 <3

Anonymous said...

what do you do in the shoot for 14 whole hours? is it normal for a shoot to run that long?

m i Q said...

nice! you had your very own farnsworth bentley?!?! hahaha! headed for Tokyo this year I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I can't jus not imagine waking up at 4h30! Eventhough it must be amazing making shoot in "The Wild Japan"
Wouldn't like to have people protecting from sun all the time because it kind of crazy!
Japanesse people seem to be nice they are peaceful and have nice things like mangas, tees, kimonos and magic boxes ...
Strange looks hip hop, punk, manga looks...
You should ask for a ticket to use the train for a week in order to visit some unusual places.I think that is not that expensive and you can go everywhere!
Have a nice day beauty and don't eat whales :)

Anonymous said...

By the way what does it mean the sign in the red windy stuff?

Mevlin said...

14 HOURS?!
How much pictures did they took then?
A gazillion? ;d
Tell me about the shoot? What was it for?

La realista. said...

Ahhh, Japan! My trip to Japan has been the best I've ever made. Enjoy all the freakiness, the food and the fashion.

Anonymous said...

It is so nice that you got to go outside the city. I don't know how many people get to see that part of Japan. It sounds like an amazing surreal adventure and like it should be an active time. I am watching Shutter Island. I hope it is good.