Jun 23, 2010

modern architecture

Tokyo is a city of amazing diversity, and nowhere is that more evident than in its modern architecture.Tokyo doesn't just have one district of skyscraper and high rise buildings, It has several and that's what i love about this city so much.
There is not just ONE big center there are 4 or 5 big ones. :-)
I've noticed that many Tokyo buildings are very unique in design and shapes.
I don't want to be an architecture, but I do like to see it, and photograph it so here a few of my favorite ones I've seen so far:

High building in Midtown

Prada store

Tod's store

Shopping mall in Omotesando

Police box (also called a Koban)


Anonymous said...

its called conteporary, not modern :D

ceesie said...

I call it modern! HA!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Prada's building is beautiful small, & lightful! So cute;)

Anonymous said...

beautiful place ceesie!
ps. what type of camera you use for this photos?

Anonymous said...

I call it modern too.I guess it's because I'm not a native english speaker,Cesar do you like appartments/house/flats and that kinda things too?

Janne said...

Woah, I love the Prada store! :O

Anonymous said...

cool lighting for the first picture!!

Anonymous said...

yesterday i watched it, and it changed my attitude