Jul 5, 2010


I think I'm going crazy...
I haven't been out dancing for more then 3 weeks now, and my last glass of alcohol was 19 days ago... I'm on a cleansing like never before. JIHAAAA!!!
From tomorrow I will also start with cutting out sweets and sodas!
Ceesie loves the healthy life.
The only problem is that I have to much energy now and every time I hear a nice beat I can't stop moving my feet... Even on the street I'm singing out loud and today I noticed that I was shaking my ass while I was waiting at a traffic light. haha...
Can't wait to be back home and party with m
y friends till the early morning!!!


Anonymous said...

you shook your ass at a traffic junction?!?! HAHAH! omg you are awesome (y)

Will said...

I literally laughed like an idiot when you said you shook ur ass at a traffic light.lol

Jasmin said...

haha - i know what you mean :-D sometimes I dance on the street without recognizing it ;-)
But thats fun - I would dance with you if I saw you at the traffic light! :)
Hugs from Berlin :-D

Comme Coco said...

Niet over deze post, maar wel over een vroegere: jum!!! (die sashimi!!!) blijf aub foodposts posten :)

groetjes uit Belgiƫ
visit me at commecoco.blogspot.Com

Flor said...

Baby boy you got to be always a wize dancer!!!

Anonymous said...