Jul 16, 2010


Yesterday I went to see Toy story 3 and it was A-MAZING.

I LOVED the movie. SO funny!

There was suspense , romance and funny jokes and all so well made, the perfect combination for a great Disney movie.

Ceesie loves Disney movies. To be honest I prefer the old ones the most. My personal favorites are: Beauty and the beast, The little mermaid and Aladdin.

When I was a little child I would watch them Over and Over again, I just couldn't stop!!!

But the funny thing is that I still love them.

Almost every month I have a Disney night with my friends. Makes me feel like a kid again, and i love the songs.

I can sing almost every Disney song... NO JOKE! haha.


Aiza said...

Tell me about it! I cried at the end and my date sat there looking awkward. :D

Little Deaths In Musical Beds said...

I watched it too and I thought of was amazing as well but the baby doll seemed a little creepy!haha I've always liked all the Disney princesses but my favourite has to be Mickey and Friends!Steamboat Willie FTW!

Franz Patrick said...

omg I couldn't stop laughing at the Mr. Tortilla Head part. And that crazy monkey!!

I heard director Joe Wright is going to helm a live-action, darker version of "The Little Mermaid." That should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I saw Snow White when I was very little. I think it is from the 1930s. But it is really great. I was so fascinating and scary. Somehow although I was very scared every time the evil queen came on the screen, I drew all these pictures of her.

CESSIE -- SEE DUMBO. It is early and I don't know that the music is so good. But it is intensely emotional.

Cola├žo said...

I love Mulan and Hercules too, those songs kills me xD

Flor said...

Beauty and the Best:
The most wonderful story of magic spells =)

Flor said...

You should try to see the chateau ambulant while your waiting...
Time flows sooo fast!!!

Anonymous said...

Come to disneyland with me!

Anonymous said...

yeah, and in my childhood we had also the same cartoons but with a terrible rough male translation...so can u imagine a little mermaid with such a baritone. now i wouldnt call it sexy.(