Jul 22, 2010

In the air and everywhere...

Because of my job I spend a lot of time in the sky.

Luckily I LOVE flying... For me it's a moment to have for myself.

No phones to pick up, no emails to answer and no stress.

Just sleep, watch movies, listen to music and think about your life, adventures and... dream.

Your just in the sky and you don't know anything what's happening in the world under need you isn't that funny?


Anonymous said...

A very poetic description. It is interesting how often you seem to have the opposite reaction to the stereotype. Many people view traveling as anything but peaceful and as a time to get work done.

I like your approach ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Cessie,

I really think that the picture you took of the cloud is very beautiful. I think that is one of my favorites so far. I also liked the one that you took of banana bread, but I like to eat banana bread very much. I like the pictures.

Flor said...

The aviator

Anonymous said...

Baby,you are so in Love with yourself like a girl with a boy.

Anonymous said...

Through distant lands and mountain streams
My river's running through your dreams
There's an ocean in between
Forever and never

Chasing shadows through the years
I whisper softly to my dear
Be sure to know that I am here

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