Jul 23, 2010


Today, 4 people told me that I look just like Leonardo Dicaprio....
Is it really so? hmmm...
I don't know if I have to take it as a compliment or not. I don't really think his that good looking these days.
But for me he's definitely the best actor in the world!
Yesterday I went to see his latest movie: Inception, SO good but a little difficult to follow sometimes.
Anyway, You have to go see it.


Anonymous said...

you're definately much more beautiful

Anonymous said...

Both of your faces have an archetypical symmetry that is considered to be beautiful. Perhaps the higher frequency of people noticing is because Leo's face is all over the media right now. For example, people with un-trained eyes, might say that most male models look alike. In fact, someone with an archetypically beautiful face might be told that they look like a lot of different famous people depending on the hair style they have that day.

In other words, it is a very high compliment ;)

Anonymous said...

you're more beautiful ;-)

Flor said...

I think that he is a good actor and he is really good looking! He might not look like Romeo but he is a beautiful man!!!
The most amazing think is that he could grow with his carrier!
My favourite actor is Matt Damon. So I'm able to say that he gets better with the time even if I love Romeo and Juliet
The best compliment is to be you

Eleanor said...

Inception was EPIC! Leonardo DiCaprio is so brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Just your eyes and eyebrows...
he has a much shorter face.

Flor said...

No maybe your nose but not the eyes!!!
The eyes are unique and I was trying to say that the best is to be yourself!!! ;)

F (The Very Subjective) said...

it is much better to look just like yourself, no? :)

C.Sarah said...

While I don't exactly agree, I will say that looking like Leo is a good thing especially since he's all badass now :)

Isadora said...

Even if he's not that good looking this days, I think people remember his face from titanic and the good old days (or at least I do). So I'll say its a compliment even when i KNOW you are better looking :)

Anonymous said...

One day your hair when it hangs straight down made you look like him when he was young. There is a lot in style then that is in style now. You have much more delicate jawline and traditionally handsome face, but very long legs and arms and you look like him sometimes.

Little Deaths In Musical Beds said...

You do look like him from some angles...but he's cool,which makes you awesome!And I'll be watching Inception tomorrow,so can't wait!

antonio said...

oh dude, im gonna tell u about that movie :)
i think Inception is astonishing !!
*may contain spoiler*
Leo's is perfect portraying a grieving husband who's losing his wife... and his kids too.
I was sure that in the end his totem keep spinning, but one of my friends told me that he was hearing the sound of totem's falling.
So what do you think Cesar? is 'meeting with his kids' a dream or reality? hoho

Anonymous said...

Leonardo????????? Noone!

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Anonymous said...

ur both goodlookin, but i c no resemblance between u2.

Anonymous said...

i never thought you look like Leo.... i still dont see that. if i have to choose an actor looks like you... that would be Rupert Everett when he was very very young. only, you are better looking than Rupert ;p

Anonymous said...

Yesssss, its quite true.
I guess, its only about your big hair you both wear and blue eyes.
Anyway, Leonardo was never able to become a great model, a famous face.
And you?????
Maybe you try to become a great actor later. Why not??????

nam yoo said...

Your blond hair is resemble with leonardo..!
and so sexy like leonardo~
also I saw inception last weekend too~
when i saw inception, i felt leonardo is
perfect actor in the world.

Anonymous said...

Leonardo Casier. FUNNY.

sam said...

cesar better looking most beautiful then leo