Jul 9, 2010

vending machines

Another thing that is funny in Tokyo are the vending machines.

On EVERY corner or in EVERY street you can find one.

And they are not filled with Sodas or beer like in NYC/Europe. NO! NO! NO!

You can find all different kinds of teas : 4 different GREEN teas, Breakfast tea, Lemon tea, Little bottles with vitamin water in it, Iced coffee or just regular water.

I love them.


Will said...

I know, and the convenient stores are everywhere.
one of the best things in Japan:D

Flor said...

They are so colorfull!!! Be water Ceesie and continueu with your beautiful photos...

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

Do you like books on tape. At first I thought it was funny, but now since I have become so lazy, it is a great way to read although it is not quite reading. I have become much more educated since I began to do this. They have it on itunes!