Aug 11, 2010

Enter the Void

Yesterday i went to see the movie "Enter the void" a movie from Gaspar Noe, the same director of the movie "Irreversible".
Someone told that I really needed to go watch the movie because it all takes place in Tokyo and that the movie is a masterpiece. So I though, why not give it a try.
Hmmm... Not such a great idea to go watch it on a Tuesday night when you don't feel 100% happy or when you're a little tired. ;-)
The story:
The movie is about a guy named Oscar who is a drug addict and dealer who lives in Tokyo. In the beginning of the movie he get killed and after the that Oscar watches over his younger sister, Linda, as a ghost. Linda becomes a stripper / prostitute who works in a night club in Tokyo. The camera follows Oscar from behind his head during scenes in which he is alive. The only time Oscar's face is shown is when he looks into a mirror. A little strange and annoying for Ceesie.
The movie is EXTREMELY mind Fucking.
It reminded me a little of the movie "Requiem for a dream", maybe not that fucked up, but it's VERY close to that.
I thought it was a really good movie with amazing effects ,as in colors and light, but some parts were very long and boring.
The worst part is that instead of cutting from one scene that the dead Oscar is observing to the next, The director has decided to go through a sort of diving into light or black holes, followed by a camera that flies over buildings for several minutes in order to settle into the next location. This happens at least 20 or 30 times in the film. And I also think that many flashbacks to the children's early trauma, along with other scenes, are unnecessarily repeated several times. Makes it the movie a little to long and boring for me.
In the end, everything has been very meaningless. I guess that's why the movie is called Enter the Void. At the end, it’s all about emptiness.
Anyway It was a great movie and one I will not forget very fast.
After the movie my cousin and me were in desperate need for some Cocktails to flush down the psychedelic trip. ;-)


Julie said...

I can still feel the consequences today! major hangover!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks good!

Anonymous said...

Good boys use condoms.

Anonymous said...

The preview looks like the most beautiful film. It looks like it was shot on a mini digital camera merged with super-8. Sometimes these films can be very upsetting. I saw Le Prophete which was really beautiful, but perhaps not quite as major as this one and these can be hypnotic and really disturbing as they are like dreams.

antonio said...

i just found out that you like Requiem for a dream!
cassie, I like you more and more ;-)
try Synecdoche New York & get ready for another hangover :P

diana said...

if you want to see another odd/trippy movie you should watch "la cité des enfants perdus." my friend and i were completely weirded out during and after!!