Aug 12, 2010


Ceesie is going to IBIZAZAZAZA!
5 days of beach, Sun, Party and FUN!!!!


Flor said...


Anonymous said...

Myyyyyyy God,
where did you find this song?????
And how do you know it?????

Anonymous said...

-Were going to Ibiza
-back to the island
-Were gonna have a party
-In the mediterranean sea

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to reading the travelogue about this trip although I am a bit apprehensive it might be too exciting for me. Have fun and be careful.

Mevlin said...

Coolness, but hey ceesie, when will you finally answer my question? I really want to buy the vogue issue with your shoot in it, but i don't know witch vogue it was for..

顶天立地的小蚊子 said...
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顶天立地的小蚊子 said...

i just go through your blog, what i can say is i like your life, travel here and there it's fun, and your job is excited, but i didn't see any sad news in here, may be your life are full of happiness, but at least some unhappy things, show another side of you, the real ceesie
just say my thought


Anonymous said...

Cessiiiiiiiiiii, miss you babyyyyyyyyyy.

Vincent said...

Do you remember august and Ibiza???
My god I wish I were on vacations somewhere to the sea.