Aug 17, 2010


Every time Ceesie comes back from a sunny holiday it rains in Belgium... Makes me so depressed and NOT happy to be back home.
But this time I felt even more depressed because IBIZA was AMAZING and I didn't wanna leave!!!
The Party Island stole my heart.
I was impressed about the beauty of the Spanish island. The nature is just incredible over there... It reminded me a little of the south of France but even better!
The beaches were the most beautiful. All surrounded by big cliffs and rocks and the water was blue and see through: PARADISE!
And that's only about the nature.
The Ibiza-clubs are totally over the top.
Fiesta-Loco-tropical! HA!
The clubs are huge and full of crazy party people, just the way Ceesie likes it. ;-)
I just loved the mix of... partying, great restaurants, amazing beaches and fun people from all over the globe.
IBIZA, I'll be back!


JAVIER said...

cute pictures and I love your outfit!
*i love IBIZA and FORMENTERA!!!

Anonymous said...

you are the most beautiful boy in the world, I'm sure of it

Anonymous said...

The picture of you and your friend on the beach is really nice. I love the array of patterned beach towels and I really like your bracelet! The film "More" about heroin addiction with a Pink Floyd soundtrack by Barbet Schroeder was filmed in Ibiza and it is quite a good depiction of it in the 60s. I guess without the heroin, I will imagine that this was the atmosphere of your trip.

Anonymous said...

So, you feel so happy after Ibiza sunny days.

Lisa said...

That description you just did about Ibiza beaches reminded me of the ones in cabo... have you ever been in Mexico Ceesie? you sure are loved here :P.

L said...

I'm planning a trip there too! Do you have hotel/club/beach suggestions? thx

Mevlin said...

I just love your hair in the last picture, is it always like that or is it just the wind?