Aug 3, 2010


I know that I've wrote already about the fact that Italians are the best ice cream makers, but i have to say that I tried the best Ice cream of my life in Lisboa.

In Lisbon there is a new ice cream store, called Santini.

They have also another store, the original one, located in Cascais... 40 minutes away from Lisbon.

The Ice cream is just NOT NORMAL. I tried one with Cinnamon flavor, ceesie LOVES cinnamon, and the other one with Hazelnut.

OH boy!! I'm telling you It was incredible...

So if you go to Lisbon DO NOT forget to try the best Italian ice cream of your life!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

I just had an excellent idea. I really think that at this point, you can write a cookbook and I am sure there would be a publisher because it would be a models cookbook. I really think it is a really good idea. And you could include simple still lives of the food you made. I am sure this is a really great great idea.

Anonymous said...

^-- anonymous person above has a great idea. i've tried your recipe for banana bread and it's so good :-).
and wow, that's a lot of ice cream flavours!

ceesie said...

I really wanna do it... i already thought about it, maybe i should start with finding a publisher! :-)

Anonymous said...

Babyyyyyyyyyyyy, miss you.

ceesie said...

I need NAMES! NAMES! who misses me... ;-)

Anonymous said...

We all miss you: Daniel, Simon etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Santini has the best ice cream in Portugal and the family has been a purveyor of ice cream to Europe's royal families for decades.
These are the best ice creams in the world, home made in Estoril and Cascais since 1949, and although it’s worth the trip just to taste them in the Chiado district Ice Cream Parlours.
Av. Valbom 28F, Cascais
+351 21 4833709

Anonymous said...

You're my ice-cream.

Ellen said...


As a Belgian girl who is sitting in her Baixa appartment (I moved to Lisboa to be with the love of my life) eating santini's this very moment, I cannot tell you how right you are! Ever flavour is amazing, the strawberry is really good too! It tasts like real fresh sweet strawberries... It's almost like it's healthy to eat there icecream.

Hope you come back soon for more Santini's