Aug 1, 2010

Lauren hill

My last 2 nights in Lisbon were unforgettable.
First me and my friends went for a nice dinner in barrio alto, one of my favorite places in Lisboa, where we went crazy on the 3 dollar mojito's en caipiroshka's that led to a binge drinking contest. ;-)
After that, time for some heavy booty shaking with the one and only Dj harvey in THE LUX.
The LUX is THA club in Lisbon, so big, full of cool people and the Location is the shit.
We got back to our hotel at 10 am totally fucked up... But who cares, I'm on a holiday!
The day after was a little less amazing: HUNGOVER time!!!
But my favorite singer in the world made it up for me. The one and only Lauryn Hill preformed in the centre of Lisbon.
For me Lauryn Hill is the best singer in the world. Her album The miseducation of Lauryn Hill is one of my favorite albums ever made. I still listen to it every week.
A great surprise to finish an amazing Holiday.


Cola├žo said...

I was there too!! I was freaking waiting for her, but then the concert... I was worth it to be waiting for so long!

Anonymous said...

oh cessie,

the picture of you hung over is funny. but I am heartbroken as you are surrounded by men is the other one. i can not stop sobbing and listening to Lauren hill.

Flor said...

Surrounded by men? It seems to me that there is a pretty girl just in your right...
Anyway sometimes girls anoying! :)

Anonymous said...

besides sour wine gums, you'd probably like this song then, its new from lauryn hill. but not like the other stuff she put out after the miseducation. this song is really good, and sounds like it could be another song on the miseducation of lauryn hill. enjoy! scroll down and you can listen to the song after the (interesting?lol) picture of lauryn

ELLE girl KOREA said...

I emailed you.
Please check it and reply me.
Sorry to press you.
I'm a little nervous because of the deadline.
Thank you.

You look really joyful in these pictures.
I envy you!!

Nina said...

Perhaps if you get used to portuguese you could go to Brazil on your next trip... ;)

emiiiiiii said...

Portugal is an amazing country... and Lisboa is the greatest city in the world for me too. I lived there a few months when I was 20 and it's the best time of my life :)

Anonymous said...

Red shorts? Swimming suit?
Dior swimsuits for 70 euros. I send.