Sep 18, 2010

A day with Mario Testino

Last week I received a phone call from a friend, who asked me if I was interested of guiding Mario Testino around Brussels.

First I thought it was a joke but when I suddenly got a phone call from the pope of photography himself I was 100% sure I was not dreaming.

Hell yeah I wanna show the biggest Photographer around Brussels. So I was told to plan a day for the both of us.

Meeting place: Hotel Amigo, in the city centre.

I was a little nervous to meet Mr. Testino in person, but from the moment I shacked his hand I felt a good connection. I was sure we would have a great time together.

First I showed him some fancy bars, nice shops and famous buildings around his hotel.

Mario was taking pictures NON stop so I had the feeling I was doing well as a guide! ;-)

After walking around we went for lunch in the Belga Queen, a great restaurant with a very nice atmosphere and the food was delicious.

A Plus for Ceesie.

After lunch we went to see some nice art galleries. I was impressed by the interest and knowing that Mister Testino had for contemporary art.

We saw so many nice and great stuff of Louise Bourgeoise and Sterling Ruby.

I suddenly realised why I love art so much: Creativity and originality makes things/people so fascinating. To finish our day we went for a walk around the antique stores at the "Sablon" and we tasted the best Belgian chocolates of Brussels on the terrace of "Wittamer".

Mario, I hope you had a fun and unforgettable day, I definitely had! ;-)


Stephanie said...

that's bloody awesome you had the opportinity to spend a day with mr testino!

Paulien said...

oh-my-god! how cool!

Anonymous said...

that is so awsome!! hopefully you work with him soon! :D

p.s. I wish you could be my tour guide for a day... or two? haha

janvier said...

wow !! kusjes uit limburg xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

Mario is always very nice and relaxed and an avid art collector although I haven't seen him in forever. He is good at putting people at ease. I am sure he had a good time with you.


Anonymous said...

I'd feel so nervous if I were you, and awkward too...
but wow, what a chance.

Mi Alter-Ego said...

Wow :O What an amazing experience!
Good for you!

By the way...
marry me! haha :D

Anonymous said...

when are you coming to london and i can show you around?

Anonymous said...

You need work with him , he is the PHOTOGRAPGHER is my favorite

Anonymous said...

Everyone is crazy about you,
and Mario is definetly in love with you.
Don't be fool.
Things like this don't happen.
So Cesar,you are "The Favorite Boy".

Anonymous said...

Kiss you babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.