Oct 21, 2010


Last week I discovered the best cupcake place from NYC!
Butter Lane, it's located in the east village on 7th street between 1st avenue and Avenue A.
The cupcakes are just NOT NORMAL!
I had the cinnamon one and I died, SOOOOOO good!!!
Butter lane has all different funny flavors AND you can also go to a cupcake class with your friends if you want to. Sounds like a fun B-day gift, no?


Lucy Armstrong said...

and of course I'm the one who brought you.....I LOVE CUPCAKES!

Flor said...

Quel Gourmand!!!

Flor said...

You must put some recipes on line ^^

Vincent said...

Hiiiii, I'm so glad,
I stop definetly Soda, drinks like Coca-light and Pepsi. Thank you.