Oct 25, 2010


Do you ever think about your funeral and how the ceremony has to be? Well, Ceesie does!
I know it sounds a little scary but I really do think about it.
A funeral is an important thing after your death. Ever since mankind people gave a lot of attention about the way someone got buried.
Another question is buried or burned? Hmmm... difficult!
When your body is buried you get a gravestone where people put flowers and people can visit your grave for years. When your burned, people can visit you also but it's different. Your ashes are sprinkled away in the nature.
I think Ceesie prefers to be burned. And I want my ashes to be given away to all the people I love. They can decide what they wanna do with it; Keep it or straw them way.
At the ceremony/funeral I want people to cry!
I want very sad music and a lot of flowers, white roses.
The songs are very important, at this moment is want these 2 songs to be played. Maybe someone can sing the Nina Simone song... Someone with an amazing voice. Like the kid who sings in the Romeo and Juliet movie.
I don't know why I write about this on my blog... Maybe it's a little to personal.
But for Ceesie it's kind of normal to think about this before you die. You never know when life will end so it's better to be prepared and to let people know how your last goodbye to the world has to be. ;-)


BOSSA said...

hey Cesar!

Grappig eigenlijk dat je hier over schrijft, want enkele dagen geleden was ik net over hetzelfde aan't denken! ...Ik had zo iets van: "vreemd om hier nu al over te speculeren...", maar we zijn dus blijkbaar niet de enige die nu al over hun begrafenis nadenken... :p

Vincent said...
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Vincent said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry Ceesie if you find this rude, but in fact I really am not trying to be rude...I actually thought it was really funny when you said "At the ceremony/funeral I want people to cry! "
Just personal opinion, really not trying to insult anything.
Interesting post!!!

Anonymous said...

I think we all think about it, and it is appreciated that you share such personal things with your readers.
i hope you live long and healthy though and i hope to meet you one day!
lots of love xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

I think everyone thinks about their funeral every so often and imagines what the world would be like if they were not present in it after all we are ultimately mortal. I think your idea for your funeral is a very nice one, however I think I would like to be buried so at least someday someone might find a marker of my existence. But also remember you will look quite elegant as you get older and also that even if one only learns two or three things with age, those two or three things can amplify ones appreciation of things in a worthwhile way.

Anyway I do think it might be a good idea for you to come back to New York or at least perhaps to enjoy some natural sites in Belgium as it can be very holistic to see a great natural scene. And be assured, I would cry at your funeral even though I do not know you.

So take care and think about what you like to think about and relax a bit. xx

Anonymous said...

You the unique person. I hope sometime you you will understand that behind all your charm there is a great person. You can laugh, but you and can't present how much you the unique person.

The boy from Armenia

Anonymous said...

I thought about it somethimes, i think it's normal, so don't worry :)

I want a really funny death, first of all.
Something that gets laugh everybody if they think about it.
Then I want give away all i can do ( i mean organs, skin, eyes ecc. ) and finally i want to be burned and my ashes let free in Titicaca lake in south america (L) i want to rip there forever.

Kisses from Italy <3

Dani said...

Dear Ceesie,
In fact "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone (or Lena Horne) is one of my favourite melodies. And I think this song has to be singed by a female voice with caractere like these two divas.
One of the most beautiful songs I know is "Both sides now" by Joni Mitchell. It creates a tear in my eyes every time. Listen to it and find out for yourself. And the people at my funeral will cry like babies...
Have a nice day!

PabLo said...

Wow Cesar,
You left me speechless (like a song) I never imagined that you´re thinking in this, and it's a relief, because, I thought I was the only that I thought in this. I know that I'll do.
It's really stranger...So, goodbye and you must continue writing stranger things! Are interesting! gREEtings

Vincent said...

Cesar Please,
write something about happiness and beauty.
The life is so wonderfull.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

I really like the clothing you are wearing in this article "Colorful Chic and Urbane." I was very curious as to what the clothing was -- in particular I was pretty curious as to what the shoes are in the first two pictures? I think you look very good with this sort of English look.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cesar you're so funny ! I hope lots of people will cry at your funeral, you seem the kind of nice guy to have plenty of good friends and family and children, and grand children and grand-grand children as handsome as you^^
I heard trillions of trillions of particules were passing through our planet Earth every second, so I like to think that our ashes will go with them and that we will travel eternally to the stars.
Much better than decaying in a sealed box, don't you think ?

Krizia said...

As long as they play 'Don't Cry' by Guns 'n Roses on my funeral, I'll be a happy dead girl. :D

x Krizia