Oct 17, 2010


Back in Europe and happy to be back.
Shooting in Amsterdam today... Let's smile the day away!


Anonymous said...

amen to that! plus, you've got a beautiful smile.

kimberley said...

heey Cesar
awesome blog you've got here..gorgeous smile with writing skills..very nice match.
ik denk dat ik jou eens gezien heb in knokke tijdens 'nacht vh zoute'...is it possible?
u were looking quite 'rockstar'ish..

ceesie said...

hahaha looking quite 'rockstar'ish..
Ja kan, i was there

Vincent said...

Cesar, you look great.

Anonymous said...


You look very cute in the photo

Flor said...


Dani said...

Love you're shirt
Love you're pants
Love you're boots
Love you're hair
Love you're smile

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

Yesterday I leaned that they are making a new i-tv that connects with netflix so you can rent movies on line!!! You should get one so you can keep finding movies to write about on the blog.

Anonymous said...

man what kind of shoes are these? they look nice!