Oct 10, 2010

what does ceesie eat?

Since an anonymous person posts almost every time this comment, on every new post I post:
"Hey, Cesar!!! since you're so great at looking great and in shape, how about you tell us what you eat on an average daily basis, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and what you do for exercise when you go to the gym, please it would help us all and you're a great inspiration."
I was thinking WHY NOT answer the question? So here we go:
I normally wake up around 9-9.30 and make my self a nice breakfast: all different fruits( pomegranate, kiwi, papaya, banana, mango,...) mixed with some non fat or Greek yogurt and granola + a green tea.
After breakfast I go to the gym, if I don't have any work or casting off course.
When I don't have a session with my personal trainer I go for a swim or I run for 30 minutes and after that I do some weights and abs exercises for another 45 minutes. For lunch Ceesie eats what ever hefeels like, nothing fat though, maybe a salad? or a sandwich with grilled chicken? or a bagel?
For Dinner I'll have a salad with chicken or tuna, soup, sushi, or just some steamed veggies with some sort of protein.

Some Ceesie secrets:
- I try not to eat any carbs after 4 pm.
- NOOOOO soda and candy, only in the weekends. I think not eating any candy is the hardest thing for me. I have such a sweet tooth.
Lately I try to eat dried fruits or nuts when I feel like eating something sweet, or I just put some gum in my mouth.
- I try to drink 1,5 liters of water a day.
- Once a week alcohol.
- as Less coffee as possible.
- One coconut water a day.

Anonymous person, I hope your happy with my answer?!? :-)


Amauri said...

Hey Ceesie!
It's just not the anonymous person, but I've been dying to know your diet for a long time…! Thank you so much :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what commitment!
See? Nothing comes easily. Models maintain great bodies because they watch their diets and they work out (or some of them).
Deserve the success :)

Anonymous said...

I love how Ceesie always refers to himself in the third person!

Anonymous said...

Oh cesar,

what excellent habits. it sounds so nice. if only i could be more like cessie.

Anonymous said...

ya no soy mas anomino MUCHAS GRACIAS xD

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

I am so interested in health and so far from it, can I come shopping with you? I hope such an adventure would not involve awaking terribly early in the morning? I have become sadly ramshackle in my health and in need of resuscitation. Dear dear Cessie, if you found yourself in a pitiable state, what do you recommend? I have been in my pajamas all day. Please tell? I do have periods of fitness, alternating with depression and stress.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cesar,
it's really nice your blog, so many interesting things all about you. I really like you as a perfect model and you're so cool as a person.
So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Flor said...

Thanks so much you are wonderful and good looking!! :)x

Dani said...

I just eat a ceasar salad for breakfast, a ceasar salad for lunch and maybe some salad for dinner. It does not have to be complicated.

plath said...

Never in my life would I have guessed that YOU have a personal trainer - although I can see the pros of having one. Like actually working out when in the gym instead of staring at 'interesting' people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ceesie,

Thank you soooo much! If been dying to know this. This is great !!! The personal trainer did surprise me a lot :)

ceesie said...

more then welcome! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is the "anonymous" person that's been asking you.

I'm Miguel from Las Vegas. I was just really interested in what you did for exercise, and diet. I've been trying to get lose some weight, and you're a great aspiration (hope you don't get creeped out). I posted it once, but I wasn't sure if you would respond or not, so posted every time, SORRY. But I just wanted to catch your attention attention. Thank you for taking the time out to respond, and the details of your diet and exercise!, much love from Las Vegas. Hope to see you in more VOGUE magazines.

Anonymous said...

well well, if this doesn't explain your bubble butt..;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Ceesie since this has to do with what one of your daily routines is, what is your daily or weekly skin care regimen?