Nov 6, 2010

cesar salad

Yesterday I made my own ceesie creation of the classic Caesar salad.
I have to say it was Yummie!

What do we need:
- half an onion
- string beans
- Green asparagus (I prefer the tips)
- chicken breast
- Parmesan cheese ( not to much)
- iceberg salad
- cherry tomatoes
- croutons
- Caesar dressing

Let's roll:
Start with cutting the chicken breast in little pieces and bake them in a pan with olive oil and add a little bit of salt and pepper to it.
While the chicken is baking you can start with steaming the string beans and the asparagus, not to much steamed so they are still a little crispy!
In the meantime you start with washing and cutting the other vegetables: cherry tomatoes in half, iceberg salad in pieces and the union in little slices.
Take a big bowl and put the salad, union, tomatoes together, add the al dente string beans and asparagus to it and mix everything together.
At the end you put the bread croutons/ Parmesan cheese and the chicken on top of the salad and ready you are.
You can decide for yourself if you wanna mix the Caesar dressing under the salad or if you want the dressing on the side.
Ceesie prefers dressing on the side ;-)
It's as easy as 1-2-3 and oh-soooooo good.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

I wish you would come back to New York. The Cesar Salad looks very good and much better than anything I have had for Cesar Salad in some time. I have all this research to do and I can't exactly remember what books I need to look in to find what I need. I wish you were here so you could make the Cesar Salad because I am so lazy. I was working on this thing today that made me think of the image for French Vogue where you are wearing the thirties dresses. What I need to find is this book that has to do with some non phallic male sexuality and I can't remember who wrote it. I met someone who lives in Marrakech today at the gallery which was kind of exciting as I like the Berbers, but I am stuck.

Anonymous said...


I am glad you made a recipe. It seems like you might have got depressed for a bit. Anyway I know the perfect book for you since your name is Cesar. It is ancient, but it is like a gossip book about the Cesars of Rome and after all this work not knowing Dutch I was able to find it in Belgium, but it is called Kaisers, not Cesars in Dutch:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Cesar's Recipe!!!
Flor :)

Vincent said...

Hiii Cesar,
It's really too difficult for me to cook in general,
or to make any dish myself,
even the things very simple to prepare.
I cut fingers when I touch a knife,
or there is always something burning over the heat.
Horrible and funny things happens when I enter the kitchen.
I gave up trying to make a meal myself.

For me Cesar's salade is only:
iceberg salade+cheese.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cesar,
Looks nice but not much for a boy your age. I'm pretty sure you could eat more without getting big but sugar, and you seem to love it, will be your doom.
Ever tried cooking with a wok ? Mixing different little bits of protein (Chicken, shrimps, St jacques), raw and boiled vegetables and herbs with very little fat (olive oil, yum) ?

Anonymous said...

The salad is better than something cooked with a wok. It is that the string beans and asparagus is very very green from steaming meaning they started fresh and have remained so retaining their nutritional value without loss of vitamins like Iron. The slices of chicken you can tell are while lean, the best slices of chicken you can eat with maximum protein for energy and it is a good sized bowl.

Polienne said...

yum, i need to try this at home! said...

That looks very appetizing. I love eating healthy, but I have to say that sometimes I just need a big, juicy, fatty burger to lift up my spirits. Thanks for sharing your recipe!