Nov 24, 2010


Repeatedly people ask me what my favorite skin care products are, or what the products are I mostly use for my face and body...

For me the best products are definitely from Kenzoki, the skin care line from the clothing brand KENZO is just the best in the world.

I think the products smell so good and they are so soft and great for my skin.

Ceesie Kenzoki!


Anonymous said...

What about Fresh ?? haha

Vincent said...

I use hyrdatant lotion Dior for face,
and it's really good.
Lancome homme also, but a bit expensive.

I've never used Kenzo.
Never known even.
Guess, it's too soft.

and for make-up, I buy Gaultier.

Anyway, there is not too much choice,
when a man need some special care.

Anonymous said...

Great taste Ceesie! I love Kenzo's skin care and parfums! Love your blog by the way :)

Elise said...

Leuk dat je blogt over je leven!
Je bent een 'awesome' model!


wokgroente said...

hi how expensive are the poducts exactly? and do you think it's affordable?

Mr.jos said...

wow Cesar i can see U in all online shops that i visit U are an autentic supermodel, congratulations!