Nov 12, 2010

Movie time

When I'm in NYC I always try to go to the movies as much as I can.
Ceesie thinks going to the movies in America is so much more fun then going to the movies in Europe.
I don't know why but it just feels different.
Maybe cause they have better popcorn? ;-)
Anyway... I arrived 3 days ago in NYC and I went to the movies already twice.
On Wednesday night I went to see "127 hours", with James Franco. I really liked it but VERY intense!! A little horror at the end and CRAZY, especially when you know it's a true story.
James Franco is one of my favourite actors at the moment and he played the role very well.
Last night I went to see "For colored girls". Not bad but a little to long and way to much drama.
The movie is about all different black girls who all have problems with men. One got raped in her own apartment, one woman gets aids cause she finds out her husband is gay and he's HIV positive and one gets beaten up by her husband,... The drama just didn't stop!
So Ceesie didn't really see any feel good movie but I liked both of them in there own way.
Check them out!


Vincent said...

Thanks for ""127 Hours" trailer.
Exciting story. said...

I should've seen "127 Hours" tonight instead of the terrible "Skyline." I heard quite a number of people fainted toward the end of Boyle's film.

As for "For Colored Girls," it looks like a Netflix rental to me. I'm a sucker for Tyler Perry's movies. There's something about tearjerkers that draw me in. =p

Anonymous said...

Dear Cesar,

Colored girls sounds like the story of my life. I am glad you are writing about movies again. I really think you should stay here more as you seem much happier. I want to see the movie where Marky Mark is a boxer and then there is a new cowboy movie coming out, but not till later. I have not been able to get to the gym at all I have been so busy and have gotten skinny. I hope you will stay in NY for a bit.